Why blog?

My fellow directors (Bill, Caroline and Lin) have decided that I (Michael) should blog more often. We have spoken about Facebook and Twitter and decided (quite possibly mistakenly) that these are not for us, but  think we should blog instead. Not entirely sure why, but the discipline of ‘putting pen to paper’ on a regular basis is perhaps no bad thing – and as for you the reader, well you don’t have to read it anyway.

But, what should I be blogging about? Do you want me to tell you how passionate we are about our business on a regular basis? Probably not, I hope you will take that as a given. On that note I do think the word ‘passionate’ is very overused anyway.

The subject of ‘diet’ is always in the news: a lot of it quite confusing and unnecessary. I liked Joanna Blyman’s  article in the Times though (March 17th). She talks about the plethora of food scares she has seen come and go in her 25 years as an investigative food journalist. Eggs fell out of favour in the Nineties, but we’re eating them again now. Red  meat is now threatening apparently; white meat is ‘meant’ to be healthier because it’s low in fat, but, in moderation, Joanna disputes whether fat is a bad thing anyway. Unless you drink gallons of milk, you are better off sticking to full-fat (note, this does not mean it is high-fat). A couple of glasses of wine (preferably from an individual grower) to wash your food down with will not do you any harm either (that’s me, not Joanna!). She then goes on to talk about butter v margarine and has a mini rant about artificial sweetners etc. Joanna talks a lot of sense … ought to buy her book: What to Eat (Fourth Estate).

This is just to let you know that in our restaurants we make no dietary statements whatsoever. We sell proper food, nothing is ‘low-fat’, nothing is artificial .. and, except for our bread, we make absolutely everything ourselves. We deal with first rate local suppliers who, as far as is practical, source their products locally. I’m sure we can expand on them and all sorts of other matters, but today I shall keep it quite short. Today our regular blog(well quite regular hopefully) sort of gets going .. and quite where it is going to go, well, at the moment, I have really no idea! Watch this space only if you want to!

Finally, the lion and the lion cub. What has that to do with this blog? er … absolutely nothing … it’s a photograph I took last month and I quite like it. Hope you do too! I will send a bottle of Pheasants Ridge Bacchus from our own vineyard (Silver Medal, English & Welsh Wines of the Year Competition 2011) to the first person to email me a very brief commentary about this blog by 5.00pm today (include your address) . I cannot believe anyone will read to the end of this blog by 5.00pm today, so I reckon I am quite safe on this one! (michael@gilbeygroup.com) . I’ll let you know if anyone replied in the next blog.