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Party Menus A & B 

Lunch & Dinner  Set Menu & À La Carte Menu 

Sunday Lunch Set Menu 

Wine List 

Party Menus A & B 

Our food style is best described as ‘Modern British’ 

...with our Chef Director Adam Whitlock heading up the team. 
Quality, value and choice are paramount and our fantastic team of chefs thrive on making sure they obtain the best flavours from their carefully-sourced ingredients and suppliers. 

Our talented team of chefs 

The menus are planned by our chef Director Adam Whitlock and these are completely seasonally-led and focus on sourcing the very best produce from around the UK and preparing it sympathetically to get the very best from each ingredient. Lin Gilbey works closely with Adam on the design of the menus. 
Adam Whitlock, has been with us since 2008 (you might have heard him on BBC 3 Counties Radio - Saturday Kitchen), Lukasz from Poland and Marlo from the Philippines, both joined us in 2007, and George, our 'newcomer' arrived in 2018. These chefs have grown and developed with us - just as our menus have, because nothing stands still in the food business. One thing that has stood still though: the consistency and brilliance of our team, all of whom we value very highly. 

Wines ... Michael's pride and joy! 

Buying wines for a restaurant wine list is a bit of an art form ....and one that Michael has been passionate about for many years. Restaurant wines have to 'talk', they have to tell a story. Different grape varieties and different strengths must be available to match the myriad different dishes that we serve throughout the year. 
This is what makes wine buying such an endlessly fascinating experience. Then there are the different countries to buy from, as well as the different growers, always at the passionate end of the wine business ... and many of the growers who have become good friends too. 
Finally of course there is the wine list writing ... hopefully another art form in itself too! 

To Make a Booking 

Our General Manager Sandy Carter, with her wealth of experience and knowledge, is here to help and expertly guide you so that your party or meeting is perfect on the day. 
For all enquiries please call us on +44 (0)1494 727242 or email oldamersham@gilbeygroup.com 

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