Pheasants Vineyard Dinner

Last Sunday we hired a bus and took 44 locals from Hambleden to a celebratory dinner at Gilbey’s Old Amersham.What an evening we had! We are all extremely grateful to Pip and Anthony and the rest of the fabulous front of house team together with Adam and his great team of chefs. The letters of thanks that we have since received have been ecstatic … and £400 was raised for Streetsmart in one evening .. rather more than the usual £1 per table!

Pheasants Ridge

We have been running Pheasants Ridge Vineyard on its current ‘volunteer’ basis for ten years. We have a team of local volunteers who all give their services free of charge. They come in on Saturday mornings when asked to do so to help with the pruning (Jan-March) and then the canopy management (July-August) … and also of course two days of picking in October. They do get mid morning coffee and normally refreshment (Pheasants Ridge of course!) before they depart for lunch, and they do get lunch on picking days. Apart from that they do it all for love and the fun of it, the agreement being that all profits go towards the maintenance of our lovely and quite large parish church of St Marys in Hambleden.

We have had a few bad years along the way, but some very good ones too … and are delighted that Pheasants Ridge Vineyard profits to date have reached  £50,000, which is not to be sniffed at, especially as we now have stocks of at least 6000 bottles of our Sparkling Brut which should produce yet more profit. We need to start behaving like a Champagne house now, ie. entertain! Thus last Sunday’s dinner was to say thank you to the volunteers and to several other local Hambedonians who have been loyal and significant consumers!

We have to say a very big thank you to Gilbey’s Eton and Gilbey’s Old Amersham too. The vineyard makes the greatest part of its profit supplying these two restaurants. Our staff and customers have been incredibly enthusiastic and must account for about 70% of our sales to date. All of this would not make any sense without your support!

And by the way… we had Party Menu B!