Pheasants Ridge Wedding

‘Even connoisseurs, and not just the worthy ones, only serve English sparkling at weddings now’. The Times.

Here are Julia Brammer and Benj Collyer in the vineyard at Pheasants Ridge; happily, they have chosen to serve our Quality English Sparkling Wine at their forthcoming wedding.

Julia teaches the Alexander Technique and Ben is an Osteopath, but is studying to become an Alexander teacher too. The wedding ceremony will be taking place in woodland quite near the vineyard – weather permitting! The honeymoon will be spent in Skye and they will live in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. We wish them well!!

All profits from this vineyard go to ‘Save Our Churches’, a charity  set up specifically for the maintenance and repair of Pheasant Ridge Vineyard’s  local parish church in Hambleden.