Not an Easy Year in the Vineyard

If we get away without Spring frosts (which we did this year) … then Wimbledon fortnight is the next big challenge, because that is when flowering takes place in the vineyard.   If you remember, they needed that new roof over Centre Court quite a few times this year, which means the weather wasn’t great.   As a result our flowering and our fruit set wasn’t great either.   Many of the bunches are uneven, some with very few grapes that ripen much earlier than the others and which therefore go rotten before other bunches are ready to pick thus helping to spread disease.   The bacchus are almost ready to pick (for our still wine) but the faberrebe (for our sparkling wine) will not be ready till much later in October, if they haven’t all gone rotten by then that is.   So, these are some of the trials, tribulations and worries we go through to bring wine to your table … although we do have a lot of fun in the process.   Anyway, watch this space for further news!